DRO Digital readout box D60-V3

DRO Digital readout box D60-V3 for machine tools
Incl. fittings / mounting arm

3 Axis DRO for cutter / lathe / Spark machine and other
When this box is set up for EDM machines it has a relay output (NO or NC)

– 5 μm resolution (display that supports scales from 0.1 μm to 10 μM)
– Supports both inches and metric millimeters (in / mm display)
Absolute and Incrimental measurement mode
– Center line (1/2) function
– Sub reference points (200 points)
– Linear drill function
– Hollow circle (PCD) machining
– Incline and inclined plane machining
– Simple and smooth Radius machining
– Asymptotic processing of internal cavities (chambering)
– linear and non-linear error correction
– Auto Reset / reference function
– Calculator with square root, sin, cos, tan, Asin, acos and atan
– Tool and Linear Compensation
– Hibernate mode
– Power Off memory
– 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz universal AC