Makino A77 CNC Machining center year 1994

Technical Data:


TaperBT 50
Speed20-10.000 rpm
Start up time1,0 s 0 – 5.000 rpm / 3,7 s 0 – 10.000 rpm
Drive motor ratingsAC 26 kW (cont.) / 30 kW (30 min)
OrientationElectrical servo
Tool clamping force19,6 kN (2 ton)
Tool changer for130 pcs.

Range of movements

Axis travelX: 800 mm
Y: 750 mm
Z: 770 mm
Spindle center line to pallet top100 – 850 mm
Spindle end to pallet center180 – 950 mm


Pallet size600×600 mm
Pallet worksizeØ 910 mm / 1.000 mm H
Allowable load1.200 kg
Pallet clamp force94,1 kN (9,6 ton)
Pallet locatingTaper bushings at 4 points

Index table

Minimum index angle
Number of indexing points360°
Indexing accuracy± 2,0 s

Rotary table

Minimum index angle0,001°
Positioning accuracy± 5,0 s
Positioning repeatability± 2,0 s

Automatic pallet changer APC

Number of pallets2
Pallet change time14 s
Stocker indexingManual / every 90°


The accuracy and repeatability specifications below are static positioning checks


Max. deviation over the entire length of stroke (560mm)

Standard± 0,003 mm
Scales± 0,002 mm


Standard± 0,015 mm
Scale±0,001 mm


Minimum move increments0,001 mm
Jog feed rate2 – 1260 mm/min
Rapid traverse rate30.000 mm/min
Programmable feed rate1 – 30.000 mm/min


Height2.920 mm
Weight15.000 kg
Floor space5.680×2890 mm
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