DDM Electric Press Brake

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Dener is known for utilizing the most stringent manufacturing technologies to manufacture the highest quality machines, and the DDM Series is no exception. With the 100% electric DDM Series Dener challenges the traditional understanding of press brake technology, and they do so with remarkable results. The servo electric press brakes are non-hydraulic, flexible, reliable, and advanced bending machines. This next generation machine concept combines green eco-friendly technology with high standards for productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and reliability, and the result is a press brake concept with low power consumption, reduced maintenance, and no need for hydraulic oil.

The electric DDM Press Brake comes with an advanced CNC control system, fast and accurate punch and die clamping, and a multi axis back gauge system. This combination allows the operator to easily mass-produce perfect sheet metal parts at a remarkably low cost. The standard electric press brake comes with a 3D graphic CNC controller for simple operation, automatic calculation of bending sequence and intuitive 3D or numerical programming for easy automatization.

Servo Electric Press Brake
The electric Servo Brake applies pressing force by the means of two synchronized servo motors transferring the power by a special belt and pulleys. During the downward movement of the upper beam, the servo motors place a tension force F on the belt, which is multiplied equally along every belt segment. This eliminates risks of deformation. The force of each motor provides a significant increase of down force. Furthermore, the ram return force is derived from mechanical springs located on the sides of the machine. These springs are compressed during pressing time, but they recoil after completion of the bending motion, pushing the ram to a programmed top of stroke position.

In contrast to conventional press brakes, the Servo Brake has a closed O-frame enclosing the tools. This O-frame system supplies a rigid frame eliminating all risks of deformation under large forces. The result is improved tool alignment and more accurate bends.

Less Pollution – Best Solution
The DDM Press Brake is 100% electric, so it operates completely without hydraulic oil and hydraulic components. This generally means less pollution related to the sheet metal bending process, and at the same time the servo electric press brake provides up to 50% energy savings. Furthermore, with a shorter response time Dener promises as much as 30% increased bending speed compared to conventional hydraulic press brakes. This combined with high acceleration, high declaration, and quick change of movement direction providing increased efficiency and less maintenance costs gives you a machine for maximized productivity. The DDM is simply better for the environment and better for business.

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