Beka-Mak – BMSY 560 / 750 DG NC – Semiautomatic Badsaw

Two way powered mitre with NC angle setting

►Powered mitre setting with NC control
►Mitre cuts to +60/-45 deg with +/-0.1 deg tolerance
►5-deg inclined blade for optimum cutting performance
►Hydraulic blade tensioning
►Blade deviation control with auto shut off
►Cutting feed & pressure regulation
►Material height sensor with rapid approach feature
►Auto setting of the blade guide arm
►Powered swarf conveyor

This double column model bandsaw is designed to cut heavy and wide materials with excellent precise between +60/-45 angle. The saw head is controlled from the NC control panel which allows you to adjust the angle automatically. Heavy duty solid saw head with 7,5kW motor and planetary gearbox makes vibration free cuttings in very short times. Thanks to Siemens software, machine allows to rotate the saw head automatically. Only you need to enter what angle you want tocut then the saw head is adjusted it self accordingly . Planetary gearbox is used on 650 DG NC model. They work at high torques in small volumes, and have a high power density which means also high efficiency. The standard drive motor is 7,5kW.


Standard Features

  • Saw Blade 54
  • Turn Table
  • Safety Rope Sensor
  • Hydraulic Vice
  • Motorized Swarf Brush
  • Security Switch
  • Synchronisation Moveable Arm/Vice
  • NC rotation table
  • Sensitive Pressure
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension
  • Inverter
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Lineer Way
  • Optical Height Adjustment
  • Proximity switch for sensing blade slippage
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox


Optional Features

  • Lazer Line Pointer
  • 3 Mt Material Roller Table
  • 3 Mt Motorized Roller Table
  • ILC Microspray Device
  • Hydraulic Top Clamping
  • 45° / 60° 1,2 Mt Metarial Roller Table