The Ultimate Bandsaw Machine is Here!
The new BMSO 420XS from Bekamak is an absolute state of the art bandsaw made specifically for high-volume productions with high quality standards. This automatic bandsaw is designed to improve your production of heavy metal, profile, and pipe cuts in high-volume bundles with a fully automatic servo feeding and cutting system. The machine is easily added to any production system with its intuitive controls and sensors, thus maximizing performance while also extending sawblade lifetime with up to 50% longer. The result is an improved return of investment as well as higher quality of the final product with this automatic bandsaw.
This bandsaw is optimized to work with carbide and bimetallic blades, and it can be easily applied in areas such as steel strade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing, and automation industries. The CNC SMART cutting feature with a screw spindle is driven by a servo motor reducing the cutting tolerance to almost zero with the servo feeding system. The smart cutting system of this XS bandsaw ensures efficiency by determing optimal parameters based on material type and size in order to match blade type accordingly.

Servo Feeding System
The feeding system of this bandsaw is powered by an Omron Servo Motor. The vice feeds the material with excellent precision ensuring an automated production with high quality results. The individual feeding stroke is 700 mm but multiple feeding stroke is 9.999 mm. Feeding tolerance is +/- 0,1 mm.

Deflection Control
The deflection sensor secures easy monitoring of blade condition. The operator simply enters the desired min. and max. values of cutting tolerances, and the machine will automatically display warnings in the risk area. When system detects further encrease of risk the machine stops. With this feature risk of lost material related to wrong cuts are eliminated.

Automatic Hydraulic Blade Tension
A hydraulic cylinder carries out blade tensioning automatically. The cylinder tensiions the blade until it reaches a prefixed value, while always maintaining proper blade tensionig. Furthermore, the automatic blade tension adjusts and applies optimal tensioning during the cutting process, thus ensuring a better cut.

Characteristics: User friendly touch screen with Omron CNC cutting program and Smart Cut. | 100 programs with up to 50 different cutting lenght steps. | CNC cutting parameters. | Manual cutting parameters input. | Servo feeding with 700 mm stroke. | Guide arm on linear guide way moving in coordination with the moveable vice jaw. | Hydraulic actuated carbide blade guides. | Idle wheel motion detector and automatic deflection sensor. | Vibration free cutting with 3 linear guide ways. | Motorized swarf brush | Planetery Gearbox.

Optionals: Hydraulic top clamping. | Microspray cooling system. | Hexagonal vices for bundle tube cutting. | Encreased 15 kW motor.

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7,5 kW


0,2 kW



5750 x 41 x 1,3 mm


805 mm

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2860 x 1980 x 2100 mm