Beka-Mak – BMSO 570 XS CNC

The new BMSO 570XS is designed to maximize our customers’ production of heavy metal, profile and pipe cuts in high-volume units with a fully automatic servo feeding and cutting system. Automatic controls and
sensors maximazes performans/cost ratio and extends lifetime of blade up to 50% longer.


– Smart cut and user friendly touch screen with Omron CNC cutting program.
– Ability to save up to 50 different cutting lenght steps in 100 different programs.
– Cutting parameters are CNC controlled for an optimal processing of workpiece.
– Manual cutting parameters input.
– Servo feeding with 700mm stroke.
– Guide arm travels on linear guide way and moves in coordination with the moveable vise jaw.
– Hydrulic actuated carbide blade guides.
– Idle Wheel motion detector and automatic deflection sensor.
– Vibration free cutting with 3 linear way.
– Motorized swarf brush.
– Planatery Gearbox.

– Hydraulic top clamping.
– Microspray cooling system.
– Hexagonal vices for bundle tube cutting.
– 15 kW motor