Macc NTA 370 G

  • Automatic CNC hydraulic share performing cuts from 0° to 45° to the right and left produced according to the current safety standards
  • Motor pump
  • Vices pressure regulator
  • Tempered and ground vertical slider
  • Tempered and ground vice jaws
  • Head lowering adjustment
  • Service tools
  • Instruction manual and exploded view of spare parts
  • Steel pedestal
  • Operation:
    Material feeding
    Fixed vice lock
    Rotation of the blade and delivery of the coolant, head down-feed until the finishing of the cut, feeding carriage return until the fixed measure
    Head return, blade and coolant delivery stopping
    Vice opening
    Cycle repetition
  • Stroke feeder material 1000 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 3500 x 1200 x 1900 mm