Famar – A

Motorized plate roller machine, 3-roller asymmetrical enabling pre-bending.

Standard Equipment:

  • Motorized top roll mounted on roller bearing.
  • Side rolls mounted on roller bearings.
  • Siderolls movable up and down by greased reduction gear.
  • Engine brake (Excl. Mod. A31 1 – A31 2)
  • Centralized lubricator unit (Excl. Mod. A31 – A31 2).
  • Separate electrical panel.
  • Electrical equipment mounted in approved cabinet following standards prescribed by law

Extra Equipment

  • Pull on third roll.
  • Induction hardened rolls.
  • Conical roller unit.
  • Extended plate rolls for profile rolling. Pull on all three rolls.
  • Motorized vertical movement of roll.
  • Digital reading of roll positioning.
  • Digital display for side rolls.
  • Automatic central lubrication.