Famar – CPI

Hydraulic three-roller machine with patial pre-bending.

Standard Equipment: 

  • Pull on both side rolls. Mounted on roll bearings.
  • Top roll mounted on roll bearings.
  • Tilt capability parallel adjustment controlled on control panel.
  • Three rolls motorized, three hydraulic engines and three epicyclic reduction gears. No. 4 electric digital VD42R.
  • Seperate mobile control panel.
  • Overload and accident protection.

Extra Equipment: 

  • Induction hardened rolls.
  • Conical roller unit.
  • Digital display for monitoring bending of rolls + Electronic positioning unit.
  • Extended rolls for mounting of section curving rolls.
  • Changeable top roll.
  • Adjustable rotation speed.
  • Side and central support for large diameter sheets.