Famar – QAP

These automatic pneumatic bending machines with 4 rolls guarantee the total pre-bending.

The QAP series was created to ensure speed and precision. Such machines enable the bending of metal sheets whose thickness is up to 1.2 mm in order to obtain also small diameters.

The rolls are induction-hardened and polished; it is also possible to have them clad in polyurethane.

The 2 central rolls are motorized and mounted on bearings.

Raising and lowering of the side rolls is achieved by means of a D.C. motor driven actuator with ball recycling screw.

The machine is controlled from a 2 axes computer with video.

Pneumatic pistons allow the movement of the pinch roll and the release of the upper roll.

In order to obtain higher speed in the manufacturing, the machines can also be equipped also with an ejector, a plate feeding guide and a central support for the metal sheet.