SHV VN 2006

VN Serie hjørneudklinker med 30-140 grader variabel vinkel
SHV Hydraulisk hjørneudklinker are rigidly constructed with a solid machined table top with T-Slots machined in the table top for quick and easy positioning of rugged the two gauge/angle stops. The angle of notch is adjustable from 30-140 degrees easily by means of hand wheels located on either side of the machine.
The standard automatic blade gap adjustment feature means high quality cuts on a variety of thickness and types of material. There are three upper and four lower hydraulics cylinders that create a rigid structure for accurate and repeatable notching. The inlaid table measuring scales have been positioned below the work service to prevent wearing of dimensional readouts over time.
Standard Equipment
♦  Hand wheel adjustment of notch angle from 30-140 degrees
♦  Hand or foot operation
♦  Removable slug tray
♦  Two protractor gauges with pin locators for 45 degree settings
♦  T-slotted table with measuring scales set into the table
♦  Automatic blade gap clearance adjustment
♦  Blade suitable for cutting mild or stainless steel
♦  Adjustable back gauge for single side shearing
♦  Material hold downs with neoprene feet