Okuma MCV-A-16 Planar type milling machine

Technical Data:


Effective width between pallets2.650 mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface2.350 mm
Table movement on X-axis3.000 mm


Size Length x Width1.200×3.100 mm
Item size1.000×2.800 mm
T-slots20x7x140 mm
Table height over floor700 mm
Feed1 – 4.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse10.000 mm/min


Spindle diameterØ 100 mm
Spindle coneISO #50
Number of spindle speeds12 pcs
Spindle speeds30, 40, 58, 80, 115, 160, 230, 320, 460, 650, 920, 1.300 rpm


Centre diameterØ 185 mm
Movement on Z-axis400 mm
Feed1 – 4.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse5.000 mm/min

Spindle head

Movement on Y-axis1.600 mm
Feed1 – 4.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse10.000 mm/min


Movement over crossbeam1.000 mm
Movement speed at 50Hz420 mm/min

Automatic tool changer ATC

ConeISO #50
Tool capacity24
Tool choiceOptional in order


CNC controlSiemens 802D


Spindle motor15 kW
Motor spindle head movement1,5 kW
Motor table movement2,6 kW
Motor centre feed1,8 kW
Motor crossbeam height movement3,7 kW
Motor hydraulic pump for ATC1,5 kW


Height4.200 mm
Length x Width8.000×4.200 mm
Weight25.500 kg