Technical Data:

Swing over bed:                                                            1.380 mm
Swing over cross slide:1.045 mm
Swing in bridge:1.745 mm
Spindle bore:                                                               104 mm
Spindle speed:(18)  2,8 – 400 rpm
Turning length:8.400 mm
Max. load between chuck and quill with moving steady rest:8.000 kg
Max. load between chuck and quill with steady rest:10.000 kg
Dimensions:11.760×2.500×2.200 mm



4 jawed chuck Ø 1200 mm

Steady rest Ø 500 mm

Moving steady rest Ø 850 mm


Chuck shielding with emergency stop

Security wire around the machine

Motorized rolling quill

water cooling system

Fagor digital readout on 2 axis


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