Accuway – UT 400 / 600

Heavy duty turning center: The 45 degree slant bed frame design comprises a one-piece bed and box way casting with low cener of gravity, large swing diameter, and surperior strength for easy disposal of coolant and chips and longer tool life. Bed structure is internally reinforced with numerous heavy ribs and to reduce deformation from shear or bending stress. Sliding surface is coated with Turcite-B to obtain long and stable operating life. Wear resisting, shock-absorbing Meehanite cast iron is naturally seasoned and annealed to eliminate internal stress as well as to attain a dense fine grained micro-structure exhibiting exceptional high physical properties. Guidewars are induction hardened to reach high surface hardness and precisely ground to meet continuous heavy duty cutting demands.

Standard AccessoriesOptionals
• Fanuc 0i-T controller
• RJ-45 interface
• Rigid tapping
• Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
• 10,4 colored LCD monitor
• Lubrication system
• 4-bar coolant system
• Three color warning light
• Upgrade to 15” Colored LCD monitor
• Tool setter
• Oil mist collector
• Oil-coolant skimmer
• Air cooler for electric cabinet
• APT60 12-station power turret
• Steady rest
• Transformer
• CF (CS) axis controller system
• Linear scale


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